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Old Church Mall
The Old Church Mall is located in the Village of Webster, NY. The original building was a church erected in 1868. This church was to become, The First Methodist Episcopal Society and Church in Webster Village. The history of changes, renovations and additions to the church has been consistent since the early 1900s.

In the late 50’s, major work was done to the church itself. An additional building was erected in 1961 adjacent to the main church accommodate schooling, lecture and church related activities. In the 1970’s marked a major change to the building. The church was sold for commercial property and changed ownership several times.

Sometime after 1972, the main portion of the building was renovated to accommodate a disco which featured live bands and dancing. Later, commercial rental space was made available to accommodate shops which carried the tradition of the “Old Church” name becoming the Old Church Mall Street of Shops. The building became known for the variety of stores some of which included a candy shop, clothing store, crafts, antiques, record store, books, hair salon and a couple restaurants.

In 1980, the building was bought by Doug and Bob Fideor who kept the “street of shops” adding a new video rental store in the main portion of the building. Today the Old Church Mall continues to be a big part of Webster’s history. Many businesses continue to occupy the over 100 year old building.

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Old Church Mall
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